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Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic 35mm fake watch Adds New Dimension To Range

The word "icon?is one of the most jarring in the industry. It is frequently bandied around carelessly and met with extreme chagrin. And while the spelling of the Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic 35mm fake watch provides a momentary visual distraction, its homophonic name is designed to make sure you get the message. However, it is fair to say that most every brand has a particular model that defines its core ideals more effectively than any other, and referring to such a collection as iconic within the context of a single brand (and not elevating it accidentally to Submariner/Calatrava/Reverso status etc.) is, I think, a palatable compromise. And the Maurice Lacroix Aikon, which was so heavily (and successfully) reworked recently, is very much the core and most recognizable piece in the brand's current offering. The Aikon is a popular model with dive, chronograph, and high-complication versions already available. And it's about time a version for women joined the lineup.

The new 35mm case is proportionally very similar to the 42mm variant. The downscaling has been just about as exact as it comes, and this is to the benefit of the new model. I am rarely interested in Maurice Lacroix's output as a brand, but the new Aikon, which has more than a little bit of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak DNA about it, really caught my attention as an incredibly affordable, and pleasingly well-made homage to that legendary (but mega-expensive) piece. The Aikon has its roots in the 1990s design of the Maurice Lacroix Calypso. The modern iteration retains the bezel claws that gave the Calypso its character but is a much sharper, more definite design with alternating surface finishes tying the whole concept together.

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The new Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic 35mm slots into a market segment that was in dire need of new blood. When it comes to dainty, stainless steel sport replica watches on a bracelet, the options are quite limited. There are plenty of choices from TAG Heuer, Omega, and Replica Rolex, but not so much off the beaten track. Maurice Lacroix has been wise to retain the automatic movement in the 35mm Aikon, as reducing the watch's horological integrity would have been seen as lazy at best, or sexist at worst. The display caseback is a really nice touch, too. As a result, the Aikon 35mm is a genuinely interesting, attractive, versatile fake watch for women who want to distinguish themselves from the label-chasers.

The machining quality of this new model is excellent and is the same quality found on Maurice Lacroix's costlier Masterpiece models. For example, all of the dials feature eight square-cut diamond hour markers. There are four different colorways to choose from. Two of the dials are made from white mother of pearl, with one in a bi-color case and the other in plain stainless steel. Blue Clous de Paris or black mother of pearl dials are also available in stainless steel cases. But if the all-steel look is a bit cold, fear not! If the bracelet isn't to the wearer's liking, it can be changed in an instant without the need for any tools. The Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic 35mm range starts at $1,890 for the blue Clous de Paris version. Both black and white mother of pearl dials retail for $1,990, while the bi-color-cased version tops out the range at $2,190. Learn more at mauricelacroix.com.

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